Field Day 2019 Review

I participated in Field Day this year with my local club, North Richland Hills Amateur Radio Club, for the first time ever. I have had plans over the years to participate but something always came up.  This year I cleared everything early and was able to participate.

First, let me say that it was a blast.  It started off slow because of the bands but around midnight CST things started to open up for us.  Our team was able to start making voice contacts and I learned a new skill…  I learned how to operate FT8 this year.  I have heard a bunch of club members talking about it but have never had the time to really operate it.  Mainly because for the moment I do not have an HF rig.  I hope to change that soon. 

Secondly, everyone there was nice and helpful.  We had club members and spouses cook food for the participants and their families that were there.  Great food!!! Saturday for lunch, our local Chick Fil A donated food for our club.  We are extremely grateful for this.  Then for the evening meal, we had burgers, brats, and hot dogs cooked by club members and their families.  This is what being in a club should be about.  Sunday morning, my wife, Laura, made a couple of Ham braids for us and another couple, the Robinsons brought biscuits and gravy and our former president’s wife, Nancy Carlson, brought homemade blueberry muffins with REAL blueberries in them.  All the food was fantastic!!!  Thank you to everyone who helped and brought food.

So, all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever Field Day!  Thanks to everyone in the club and others who helped make it a great time for all.

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