Baofeng / BTech On the Fly Keyboard Programming

We will assume that you are familiar with the Keys and Functions.

Enter VFO mode

Select A or B to program in

Select the correct BAND

Enter the frequency you want to try

<Menu>   <13>   <Menu>     (enter tone, if req’d)     <Menu>

<Menu>   <26>   <Menu>   (check/change offset)   <Menu>

<Menu>   <25>   <Menu>   (check/change offset)   <Menu>

You are done.

You can “store” one frequency in each A and B and the UV-5R will retain these until the information is overwritten.

If you are entering a Simplex frequency, you need to reset the options of Menus 13 & 25 to OFF.

I remember the MENU #’s this way…    13,  26,  25

Unlucky Number =
Double Unlucky =
Back Off   (-1)   =
Cut the 7 steps out and put in your wallet for later use.
This would also be a quick way to confirm that your radio is working. 

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