VP6D Ducie Island DXpedition Reported “Progressing Well”


“Signals on this end are loud,” was the assessment as the VP6D Ducie IslandDXpedition got under way over the weekend. So far, the main priority has been setting up the CW camp and more antennas.

“Over the next 2 to 3 days, we’ll complete the antenna work, including 30, 80, and 160,” a Team Ducie update said. “Because of the undergrowth, stringing radials is a challenge.” Currently erected are four-squares for 40 meters. SteppIR beams are scheduled to go up later today (October 22). DX Summit indicates at least some activity on 160 through 15 meters, SSB, CW, and FT8, with US stations reporting success on Top Band. “We are progressing well,” the update said.

A main camp and kitchen, tents for sleeping, and generators sites have been built and supplied. The SSB camp, located at the main camp, has four stations and has been handling all modes for the moment. The pending CW camp is about a 30-minute walk from the main camp.

“The team is in good spirits and eager to get into a routine,” the update reported. “We will upload the log this morning. When we put the /mm log online there may be some errors with the times; we’ll correct them, no need to send e-mails. We know DXA dropped out a few times, due to power [loss] at the network switch. The plan is to install a UPS on the network switch.”

A couple of Braveheart crew members are also on the island to assist with setup. The DXpedition is set to continue until November 3.

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