New Radio, Again!

After 11 years of doing without my TS-2000, I have finally been able to purchase another one. I had to sell my last one when we had to move from Mississippi to Texas for work. I have a Kenwood TS-570SG right now, and it is a good radio, but it is not a TS-2000. I love that radio and I am looking forward to using one again.

The TS-2000 is truly a shack in a box. All HF bands plus UHF/VHF, all modes. I miss 2m SSB at times and now I can work that also. It is a beautiful radio and easy to operate.

Being able to monitor VHF/UHF FM on the second receiver while on HF is nice and as a bonus, the VHF / UHF sub-bands can receive the AM aircraft band as well as various other bands.

The satellite function make light work of tracking satellites by using both the main and sub receivers in tracked mode. This mode allows the frequency on the main receiver to increase while the sub receiver decreases by the same amount (or vice-versa) to allow for the Doppler shift when working through a satellite.

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