AMSAT’s Fox-1Cliff CubeSat Set to Launch on November 19

11/09/2018 AMSAT is counting down to the launch of the next Fox-1 satellite, Fox-1Cliff. According to Spaceflight Now, the launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base of Spaceflight’s SSO-A SmallSat Express mission, on a SpaceX Falcon 9…

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2018 AMSAT-NA 36th Annual Space Symposium and General Meeting Schedule

Ham Radio Satellite List

Mineo Wakita JE9PEL has made available a table of all amateur radio satellites in Word and Spreadsheet formats Also available is a Doppler.sqf file for use in the SatPC32 satellite tracking software. JE9PEL satellite list

AMSAT-DL Symposium Hears Update on Es’hail-2 Geostationary Satellite

10/04/2018 Progress toward the launch of the Es’Hail-2 geostationary Amateur Radio satellite was reported as AMSAT-DL held its annual symposium on September 29 at the Institute for Environment and Future Research (IUZ) Bochum Observatory in Germany. Es’hail-2 is set…

Remembering the Launch of Sputnik 1 — Earth’s First Artificial Satellite

10/04/2018 October 4 marks the 61st anniversary of the launch by the Soviet Union of Sputnik 1, Earth’s first artificial satellite. The Soviets heralded the launch as a national triumph, and the space race between the…

AMSAT’s Fox-1Cliff CubeSat Ready for Launch

10/03/2018 AMSAT reports that Vice President-Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY, delivered and integrated its Fox-1Cliff CubeSat into the launch vehicle on September 24, in preparation for sending it into orbit later this year. AMSAT has purchased…

ARLK049 Keplerian data

SB KEP @ ARL $ARLK049 ARLK049 Keplerian data ZCZC SK49 QST de W1AW Keplerian Bulletin 49  ARLK049 From ARRL Headquarters Newington, CT  June 27, 2017 To all radio amateurs SB KEP ARL ARLK049 ARLK049 Keplerian…

ARLK045 Keplerian Data

SB KEP @ ARL $ARLK045 ARLK045 Keplerian data ZCZC SK45 QST de W1AW Keplerian Bulletin 45  ARLK045 From ARRL Headquarters Newington, CT  June 13, 2017 To all radio amateurs SB KEP ARL ARLK045 ARLK045 Keplerian…

ARLK044 Keplerian data

ARLK042 Keplerian Data

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